Venting Rooms: An Overlooked Necessity

The ripening process for fruits such as bananas, tomatoes, and avocados require close attention to detail given for desired results.  Fruit maturity, grade, and temperature are all factors that affect the way fruit will ripen.   Failure to vent ripening rooms is another factor, often overlooked, which leads to poor ripening results.

As loads of produce further in the ripening cycle, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels increase tremendously.  As a byproduct of the ripening process, the carbon dioxide retards the ripening of most fruits and it can reduce the effectiveness of ethylene that has been applied to the fruit.  In addition, oxygen levels decrease as the ripening fruit takes in oxygen and expels carbon dioxide.

Oxygen is vital to the process and must be replenished.  To ensure this, venting must occur to reduce the carbon dioxide levels and replenish the oxygen within the ripening room.  Proper venting should be done several times during the ripening process or continuously.  The simplest method of ripening room ventilation is by opening the doors and leaving the fans on.  Fresh air then quickly disperses the carbon dioxide, allowing oxygen to be replenished within ten to fifteen minutes.  This procedure should be performed twenty-four hours after the initial ethylene application and then regularly daily thereafter.

dade banana 5Alternatively, “flow-through” ventilation can be used to vent ripening rooms.  This technique is commonly used in many large tomato rooms but also applicable to banana and avocado ripening.  The “flow-through” ventilation process involves placing two openings on opposite ends and sides of the room.  An air intake fan is also mounted in one of the openings; room dimensions determine the fan size.  This method ensures the air in the room is constantly being exchanged, maintaining proper oxygen levels and continuously removing carbon dioxide.

Many ripening rooms are now vented automatically, controlled by a CO2 sensor, either inherent in the ripening rooms build or by adding a sensor.   CO2 sensors can be purchased at QA Supplies here. The optimal ripening room level should be below 1% or 10,000ppm.

If venting is not part of your company’s ripening procedures, consideration should be given to its many benefits.  Venting is a valuable tool, used by ripeners worldwide, helping to ensure the proper ripening of valuable fruit.


Contact Catalytic Generators for more information on “flow-through” ventilation.

Catalytic Generators at Southeast Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference

SE-Regional-2015-LOGO-01Catalytic Generators and sister company, QA Supplies, will be exhibiting at the Southeast Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference January 10-13, 2019 in Savannah, GA, Booth 548.

Easy-Ripe web

Catalytic Generator’s Easy-Ripe® Ethylene Generator will be on display at Booth 548.

The Southeast Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference is the largest educational conference and trade show in the southeastern United States that unites growers, vendors, and suppliers. As the world leader in ethylene ripening technology, Catalytic Generators looks forward to the opportunity to connect with current and future customers involved in the ripening process of fresh produce.

Attendees will have the opportunity to speak with our staff and learn about our variety of ethylene application systems for fruit ripening & degreening, each with its own unique advantage, as well as generators made specifically for curing tobacco.



See us at Booth 548, January 10-13 at Southeast Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference.

Auto Ripe® Generators Provide Narrow Ethylene Application Solution

We often hear ripeners across the industry describe the limited space available within some ripening rooms.  To solve this issue, Catalytic Generators has specifically engineered a compact ethylene application system, the Auto Ripe® Generator.

Auto-RipeAuto Ripe® Generators provide a narrow ethylene application solution for ripening rooms worldwide. Reliable, effective, and easy to use, the Auto Ripe® Generator can hold enough Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate to perform up to four ripening cycles in a one or two load ripening room.

This generator has the ability to be wall-mounted and works with computerized ripening room control systems, as well. The minimum room size for an Auto Ripe® Generator is 2,000 ft3 (57 m3). Reservoirs of the Auto Ripe® Generator are capable of storing four quarts (about four liters) with conversion rate settings as followed:

# 1: 1 Quart of Ethy-Gen® II every 48 hours; 2,000 to 2,499 ft³ (57 – 70 m³)

# 2: 1 Quart of Ethy-Gen® II every 36 hours; 2,499 to 4,999 ft³ (71 – 141 m³)

# 3: 1 Quart of Ethy-Gen® II every 24 hours; 5,000 to 7,499 ft³ (142 – 212 m³)

# 4: 1 Quart of Ethy-Gen® II every 12 hours; 7,500 to 12,000 ft³ and larger (213 – 340 m³+)

*Note that it may be possible to use just one generator for a room that is larger than 12,000 ft³ (LxWxH, 340 m³); it depends upon how tight the room is.


How It Works:

  • Just pour one to four quarts of Ethy-Gen® II and ethylene production quickly begins.
  • Provides non-pressurized and safe ethylene on a continuous basis for uniform ripening & degreening.
  • Ethylene output is adjustable for multiple room sizes, which means the Auto-Ripe® can adapt to any ethylene PPM requirements. For larger rooms, additional units easily achieve proper ethylene levels.

The Auto Ripe® Generator provides safe ethylene application to a variety of fruits including bananas, apples, pears, mangos, and more. When following the simple operating directions, this device makes fruit ripening and degreening possible without the risk of explosion. From this, you can run the device without safety concerns for your fresh produce.

Ripening Solutions & Instrumentation at the New York Produce Show

Gen pour 12-2017 croppedCatalytic Generators and sister company, QA Supplies will be showcasing a variety of ethylene application solutions and postharvest equipment and instrumentation at the New York Produce Show, Booth 539 December 10-13th. Together, these companies make safety and quality a priority in the produce industry.

As the only ethylene generator company with products certified by both UL and TÜV, the efficient and dependable Ethylene Application Systems of Catalytic Generators allows fruit companies to make and control the amount of ethylene produced in ripening rooms for a safe and easy application. Through the utilization of this process, small, uniform amounts of ethylene result in uniform fruit ripening with better color. At this event, Catalytic Generators will have several types of ethylene generators on display all designed for fruit ripening and degreening, each with its own unique advantage.


QA Supplies will have both handheld and benchtop penetrometers, refractometers, and a variety of digital probe thermometers on display at the tradeshow. The instrumentation offered by this company is economical and quality assured, making QA Supplies the one-stop-shop for tools that monitor, control, or evaluate quality and freshness in the produce industry. Monitor and store data more efficiently with tools for harvesting, quality inspection, water, food and soil analysis, temperature measurement, and firmness testing.  See the full selection of instrumentation here.

Catalytic Generators and QA Supplies exist to empower fresh produce companies with the tools properly ripen assure the quality of avocados, bananas, mangoes, pears, tomatoes, and other fruits so that the world can enjoy fresh fruit throughout the year.


See us at the New York Produce Show, Booth 539 December 10-13th.