Easy-Ripe® XT Available To Ripeners Spring of 2019

Catalytic Generators has developed a new version of the Easy-Ripe® Generator that can be permanently installed on the exterior of a ripening room. Called the Easy-Ripe® XT, this model produces ethylene on the room’s exterior and uses a flue system to direct the generator’s ethylene output into the room. Rooms that have little or no convenient space for the generator inside the room will benefit from this exterior mounting of the unit.

Easy-RipeXT---mounted The Easy-Ripe® XT utilizes a sealed, insulated elbow joint which is mounted outside of a ripening room. Inside the room, pipes will be able to connect to the flue, and disperse the ethylene uniformly. This creates added space inside the ripening room so pallets can be more tightly packed.

The specially designed tank that holds the ethylene-creating Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate is another feature of the Easy-Ripe® XT.  As part of this improved tank, a new liquid-indicating cap provides better security, it also integrates a liquid level indicator, making it easy to know how much Ethy-Gen® II is in the tank.

Easy-Ripe-XTThe modifications of the Easy-Ripe® XT add convenience to the daily operations within a ripening facility. Imagine walking amongst the rooms and, to check on ethylene application, instead of opening each room, or trying to peer inside, simply have a quick look of every Easy-Ripe® as you walk by.  Ripeners will be able to easily check the generator operation and Ethy-Gen® II levels as part of their quality control procedures.


The Easy-Ripe® XT will be available to ripeners worldwide later this spring. 

Fruit Ripening & Ethylene Management Workshop Sponsored by Catalytic Generators

Catalytic Generators and sister company, QA Supplies, will be sponsoring the 25th Annual UC Postharvest Technology Center Fruit Ripening & Ethylene Management Workshop at the University of California Postharvest Center April 2-3, 2019.

Fruit Ripening Workshop

Fruit Ripening Workshop Group Photo 2017

The workshop is intended for shippers and fruit handlers (wholesale and retail) and produce managers who are involved in handling and ripening fruits and fruit-vegetables. The focus of this workshop is to increase profits by reducing losses at the receiving end and delivering ready-to-eat, delicious fruits and fruit-vegetables to the consumer.

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to network with ripening professionals, learn and view demonstrations of the most recent technological advances in the industry, and participate in roundtable discussions.

Topics being discussed include the importance of ripening programs, ripening facilities and equipment, temperature management, fruit development, maturity and quality relationships, the biology of ethylene production, and more!


Are you attending the Fruit Ripening & Ethylene Management Workshop? Keep an eye out for our team members attending! 


Russ Holt,   Sales & Marketing Manager at QA Supplies


Katlynn Ketchum, Marketing & Business Development Strategist at Catalytic Generators

Redesigned Easy-Ripe® Generator Improves Ethylene Application Accuracy & Efficiency

Catalytic Generators will be showcasing a newly redesigned Easy-Ripe® Ethylene Generator for fruit ripening and degreening at Fruit Logistica, February 6-8, 2019 at Hall 26/F-01.White Easy-Ripe® Ethylene Generator

The redesigned Easy-Ripe® Generator features a clean, white coating and produces consistent, non-pressurized and safe ethylene levels for uniform ripening and degreening. No mixture with inert gas is needed, making the system inherently safe. An adjustable ethylene output allows for adaption to any ethylene PPM requirement or room size. With the specially formulated liquid Ethy-Gen® II, the Easy-Ripe® easily makes only as much ethylene as needed for a target room, eliminating the need to store large quantities of compressed gas on site.



Ethy-Gen® II is an efficient and clean way to create ethylene. Lot-coded for traceability and tamper-evident sealed for safety and purity, Ethy-Gen® II consists of an all-natural, grain-based, GMO-free active ingredient and is permitted for use on organic tropical fruits, including bananas. When used in the Easy-Ripe®, it will create enough ethylene to ripen thousands of boxes of fruit.

A new feature of the redesigned generator: Ethylene monitoring and control.  “Over the years, our generators have always provided dependable ethylene output in the range required by the user, but we wanted to provide even better accuracy by connecting devices equipped with ethylene sensors and control modules.  So, we’ve given the generator the ability to be connected and controlled by industrial control systems,” stated Greg Akins, President & CEO of Catalytic Generators.

The new Easy-Ripe can connect to most any PLC that exists on today’s modern ripening rooms.  If the room is equipped with a dependable, calibrated ethylene sensor, then the PLC can be programmed to control the generator’s ethylene production.  However, dependable ethylene sensors are hard to find.

“That’s why we partnered with Felix Instruments to develop two revolutionary new products that will provide ripeners with the ability to have exact ethylene control via setpoint.  These products are driven by an ethylene sensing system based on technology that improves sensor accuracy and dependability”, said Akins. The two products are the Ethylene Management Controller and improved SmartRipe® Ethylene Generator Controller, which monitor and control ethylene levels in ripening rooms, degreening rooms, and storage rooms.

901r-SmartRipeThe SmartRipe® Ethylene Generator Controller features a touch screen that can be mounted in or out of ripening rooms and a high range ethylene sensor with a setpoint range from 50-1000ppm. The system works by simply entering a setpoint, and the controller will automatically regulate the ethylene production of our generators. If ripening room doors are opened, the controller senses it and adjusts the ethylene level. Similarly, when the setpoint is reached, the controller takes notice and slows ethylene production to ensure the setpoint is maintained.

The Ethylene Management Controller (EMC) differs from the SmartRipe®; it has a low range ethylene sensor (setpoint range 1-10ppm). Low range sensing ability makes the EMC an excellent choice for tomato greenhouses, citrus degreening, storage areas for ethylene-sensitive produce, and more.New Easy-Ripe Side

Both products feature an automatic zeroing system for better accuracy and easy to replace sensor pods. “The newfound technology of our redesigned Easy-Ripe Ethylene Generator, SmartRipe® Ethylene Generator Controller, and Ethylene Management Controller offer an affordable solution to ripeners looking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their ethylene application systems,” said Akins.


These products are now available for pre-order and will be on display at Catalytic Generator’s booth at Fruit Logistica in Berlin at Hall 26/F-01, February 6-8, 2019.

Venting Rooms: An Overlooked Necessity

The ripening process for fruits such as bananas, tomatoes, and avocados require close attention to detail given for desired results.  Fruit maturity, grade, and temperature are all factors that affect the way fruit will ripen.   Failure to vent ripening rooms is another factor, often overlooked, which leads to poor ripening results.

As loads of produce further in the ripening cycle, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels increase tremendously.  As a byproduct of the ripening process, the carbon dioxide retards the ripening of most fruits and it can reduce the effectiveness of ethylene that has been applied to the fruit.  In addition, oxygen levels decrease as the ripening fruit takes in oxygen and expels carbon dioxide.

Oxygen is vital to the process and must be replenished.  To ensure this, venting must occur to reduce the carbon dioxide levels and replenish the oxygen within the ripening room.  Proper venting should be done several times during the ripening process or continuously.  The simplest method of ripening room ventilation is by opening the doors and leaving the fans on.  Fresh air then quickly disperses the carbon dioxide, allowing oxygen to be replenished within ten to fifteen minutes.  This procedure should be performed twenty-four hours after the initial ethylene application and then regularly daily thereafter.

dade banana 5Alternatively, “flow-through” ventilation can be used to vent ripening rooms.  This technique is commonly used in many large tomato rooms but also applicable to banana and avocado ripening.  The “flow-through” ventilation process involves placing two openings on opposite ends and sides of the room.  An air intake fan is also mounted in one of the openings; room dimensions determine the fan size.  This method ensures the air in the room is constantly being exchanged, maintaining proper oxygen levels and continuously removing carbon dioxide.

Many ripening rooms are now vented automatically, controlled by a CO2 sensor, either inherent in the ripening rooms build or by adding a sensor.   CO2 sensors can be purchased at QA Supplies here. The optimal ripening room level should be below 1% or 10,000ppm.

If venting is not part of your company’s ripening procedures, consideration should be given to its many benefits.  Venting is a valuable tool, used by ripeners worldwide, helping to ensure the proper ripening of valuable fruit.


Contact Catalytic Generators for more information on “flow-through” ventilation.