Ethylene Application for Greenhouse Tomatoes


Ethylene is a natural plant hormone, so let it assist in harvesting your last pick!

For many, ethylene is solely linked to the ability to initiate ripening of traditional fruits, like bananas, in 20-40 pallet pressurized ripening rooms. However, ethylene has a multitude of uses including the ripening and degreening of organics, tropical fruits, field-grown tomatoes, tobacco, sprout suppression of potatoes and onions, and even greenhouse tomatoes!

By further exposing greenhouse tomatoes to the natural plant hormone, ethylene, overall uniformity in ripeness will be enhanced. Additionally, accelerating the ripening of final tomatoes saves energy and decreases waste accrued from less mature tomatoes stuck in the mix of more mature harvests. In summary, applying added ethylene results in better color and final quality for greenhouse tomatoes.

This is the goal, isn’t it??

Though the use of Catalytic Generators’ ethylene generators, ethylene can be applied in a safe, easy, and residue-free way. Let’s work together to provide consumers with the best quality greenhouse-grown tomatoes. Catalytic Generators has worked with several greenhouse tomato growers internationally to enhance the quality of their harvest. We can also provide you with ethylene detection and control.  If you’re looking to improve the quality of your greenhouse produce, contact us to take the first step.

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