Ethylene Management Controller

Available Spring 2019

Improve Accuracy & Efficiency In

Ethylene Application Systems

Low Range Ethylene Sensor


The Ethylene Management Controller (EMC) allows fresh produce operators to both monitor and control the levels C2H4 (Ethylene) in spaces.  With the touch screen mounted in or out of the room, enter a setpoint, then the EMC will automatically regulate ethylene production of our generators or another device, like an ethylene scrubber.

Ethylene Management Controller Benefits: 

  • Know your ethylene levels anytime from anywhere
  • Have full control of ethylene levels by setpoint and ethylene scrubber or generator modulation
  • Maintain archive of ethylene, RH% and temperature levels (and other conditions with optional sensors)
  • Be alerted to problems by e-mail, text message, or audible alarm



Low Range Ethylene Sensor

The system features a Low Range Ethylene Sensor with a setpoint range from 1 – 10 ppm. The sensor is easy to calibrate and replace when needed. An optional, onboard KMnO4 Zero Scrubber will automatically zero the sensor for even better accuracy.

The EMC is great for tomato greenhouses, citrus degreening, potato & onion storage for sprout suppression, and in storage areas for ethylene-sensitive produce.

Remote Access Via Network

Control ethylene output remotely via a network connection. The Ethylene Management Controller allows users to view ripening room ethylene, relative humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels all at the same time.

Track ethylene progress and adjust output settings in real time with this feature.


Robust alert system, notifications by text, email, or audible
Terminal block output signals, either digital or analog
DIY Annual “Maintenance by Mail” with easy to replace sensor pods
Modbus Integration with Catalytic Generators by TCP/IP & RS485
Water resistant chassis
Two panels, one for sensors (inside the room) and one for the control panel (in or outside the room)
High precision internal pump
Connection to main power (AC) via external 12V transformer


Sensor Type Ethylene – Electrochemical
CO2 & O2 sensors available
0 – 10 ppm
Resolution 0.01 ppm
Accuracy 0.3 ppm (absolute), 5% (relative)
  • Zero – Weekly (unless using an optional onboard scrubber)
  • Span – 3 months
Sensor Replaceable (by user) Yes, recommended every two years


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