Smart Ripe® Ethylene Management System


SmartRipe® Ethylene Management System

Complete Ripening Room Control Means Complete Management of Ripening Rooms

IMG_3761Our SmartRipe® system places ripening control in your hands by utilizing sensors that detect ethylene, temperature, relative humidity (RH%) and carbon dioxide (CO2). This system offers comprehensive knowledge of your ripening environment, and provides complete control over every aspect.

Integrate SmartRipe® with existing ripening room equipment to create a custom All-In-One ripening facility management system.

SmartRipe® Integration Enables You To:

  • Automatically regulate production to maintain the desired ethylene set-point
  • View CO2, humidity and temperature

Allow a Catalytic Generator technician to help you create a customized, integrated All-In-One Ripening Facility Management System, and monitor your rooms quickly and easily with a standard PC web browser, whether on a desktop, a tablet or a mobile phone.

SmartRipe® Benefits:

  • Know your ethylene, temperature, CO2, and RH% levels anytime from anywhere
  • Have full control of ethylene levels by set-point & make changes from any web browser
  • Optional ability to control temperature, CO2, and RH% levels
  • Maintain archive of ethylene, temperature, CO2 and RH% levels
  • Be alerted to problems immediately by e-mail or text message
  • Data archiving on a constantly monitored, secure, encrypted server with backups

Ethylene Monitoring and Control

The best and most dependable ethylene sensors are Infrared. That’s why we made our Infrared sensor, with dual-beam technology, specifically designed to withstand constant ethylene exposure in ripening rooms. It includes an optical gas filter to minimize CO2 cross-sensitivity and result in highly reliable ethylene measurements.

We also incorporate a gas sample dryer to continuously dry gas streams removing only water vapor, thus allowing the ethylene sensor to operate efficiently and accurately.

Any of our ethylene generators can be adapted to work with the SmartRipe® system. Simply enter an ethylene set-point and the Generator will automatically regulate ethylene production in order to maintain it.

Web-Based Control

The beating heart of the SmartRipe® is truly the control engine. Combining the power of wireless communication with the intuition and innovation of our Generators results in reliable, real-time information about your ripening or degreening facility.

Our secure system is located on your local network controller, keeping you independent from server communication and freeing you up for the execution of critical decisions. A standard web browser is your control console, from which you can access your information securely anytime, from anyplace and on any device.


View of the SmartRipe® web portal:


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