Ripening Solutions & Instrumentation at the New York Produce Show

Gen pour 12-2017 croppedCatalytic Generators and sister company, QA Supplies will be showcasing a variety of ethylene application solutions and postharvest equipment and instrumentation at the New York Produce Show, Booth 539 December 10-13th. Together, these companies make safety and quality a priority in the produce industry.

As the only ethylene generator company with products certified by both UL and TÜV, the efficient and dependable Ethylene Application Systems of Catalytic Generators allows fruit companies to make and control the amount of ethylene produced in ripening rooms for a safe and easy application. Through the utilization of this process, small, uniform amounts of ethylene result in uniform fruit ripening with better color. At this event, Catalytic Generators will have several types of ethylene generators on display all designed for fruit ripening and degreening, each with its own unique advantage.


QA Supplies will have both handheld and benchtop penetrometers, refractometers, and a variety of digital probe thermometers on display at the tradeshow. The instrumentation offered by this company is economical and quality assured, making QA Supplies the one-stop-shop for tools that monitor, control, or evaluate quality and freshness in the produce industry. Monitor and store data more efficiently with tools for harvesting, quality inspection, water, food and soil analysis, temperature measurement, and firmness testing.  See the full selection of instrumentation here.

Catalytic Generators and QA Supplies exist to empower fresh produce companies with the tools properly ripen assure the quality of avocados, bananas, mangoes, pears, tomatoes, and other fruits so that the world can enjoy fresh fruit throughout the year.


See us at the New York Produce Show, Booth 539 December 10-13th.