Modified Easy-Ripe® Ethylene Generator At CPMA

The redesigned Easy-Ripe® ethylene generator for customers in North and South America will be showcased at the CPMA Annual Convention & Trade Show in Montréal, Quebec Tuesday, April 2nd to Thursday, April 4th, 2019 at Booth #1910. 


The CPMA Annual Convention & Trade Show is the CPMA’s primary event and Canada’s largest event dedicated to the fruit and vegetable industry. Attendees have the unique opportunity to network with industry leaders and enhance their business in Canada through an exceptional combination of education and networking opportunities. With over 4,000 participants from around the world, Catalytic Generators is elated to present the improved Easy-Ripe®.

Domestic-Easy-Ripe-2019-squareThe Redesigned Easy-Ripe® Generator

The new modified Easy-Ripe® Generator features a specially designed tank which holds the ethylene-creating Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate. As part of this improved tank, a new liquid-indicating cap provides better security and integrates a liquid level indicator, making it easy to know how much Ethy-Gen® II is in the tank.

Another new feature of the ethylene generator is ethylene monitoring and control.  The new Easy-Ripe® can connect to most any PLC that exists in today’s modern ripening rooms.

If the room is equipped with a dependable, calibrated ethylene sensor, then the PLC can be programmed to control the generator’s ethylene production.  The redesigned Easy-Ripe ® will include a connector piece specifically designed for linking PLC systems within a ripening facility.

Features That Ripeners Love Remain Consistent

As always, our Easy-Ripe® produces consistent, non-pressurized and safe ethylene levels for uniform ripening and degreening.  No mixture with inert gas is needed, making the system inherently safe. An adjustable ethylene output allows for adaption to any ethylene PPM requirement or room size. With the specially formulated liquid Ethy-Gen® II, the Easy-Ripe® easily makes only as much ethylene as needed for a target room, eliminating the need to store large quantities of compressed gas on site.


Catalytic Generators at the CPMA

Catalytic Generators has been honored to provide Canadian ripening and produce professionals with our ethylene systems for many years. Exhibiting at the CPMA has allowed our company to strengthen these relationships.  Our company is committed to quality service in Canada; through our logistics hub in London, ON we are able to provide fast and dependable delivery. We look forward to the opportunity to present our newly developed ethylene generators and sensors at the CPMA Annual Convention & Trade Show.



Sister company, QA Supplies will share the exhibit space, as well. They will have many instruments on display, all focused on fresh produce quality measurements.