Ethylene Solutions at Fruit Attraction Madrid


Find our Catalytic Generators team at Fruit Attraction Madrid, Booth 10AO4F October 22-24, 2019. 



Catalytic Generators will be exhibiting with Fresh Produce Instruments at Fruit Attraction Madrid featuring the most recent addition to our collection of ethylene generators: the 230v Model Easy-Ripe®. For ripeners large or small in size, the Easy-Ripe® offers adjustable ethylene output for multiple room sizes. Adapting to any ethylene PPM requirements is quickly achieved by simply placing the ethylene generator in the ripening room, plugging into a grounded electrical outlet, selecting a conversion rate, pouring one or two liters of Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate, and letting ethylene production begin!


Access for External Control by PLC or Ripening Room Control Panel

Access for External Control by PLC or Ripening Room Control Panel

The 230v Model Easy-Ripe® features a newly designed, liquid-indicating cap and tank that holds the all-important Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate itself.  The spill-proof cap integrates a liquid level indicator, making it easier to know how much Ethy-Gen® II is in the tank.

Additionally, ethylene sensors can be connected to our equipment by PLC or other Ripening Room Controllers. With setpoint control of ethylene, ripeners can have more exact ethylene levels, as the generator will to react to any changes in the ethylene levels in a room and modify ethylene production to maintain the desired setpoint.

Input Control Options are shown here:

  • Ethernet (Modbus TCP / IP)
  • Pulsed Voltage (3-12VDC)



Catalytic Generators has two products that will work together with the Easy-Ripe®: 

SmartRipe Ethylene Generator Controller (50-1000 ppm)

EMC Ethylene Management Controller (1-10 ppm)