CRS – Centralized Ripening System®

At Catalytic Generators, LLC, we strive to be innovators. That’s why we’re so proud to introduce the CRS: Central Ripening System®.


From a central supply of our Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate, this system will serve up to 40 ripening rooms with continuous ethylene production!

If you’re looking for a controlled, natural method of ripening and degreening your fruits, we’re happy to inform you that you’ve found it in the CRS®.


With the CRS, all your ripening rooms can have continuous ethylene production from one central supply of Ethy-Gen II Ripening Concentrate. Therefore, the CRS can easily supply an entire packinghouse or facility with an easy, convenient and safe ethylene source.

Since 1998, we’ve installed these systems the US, Canada and Mexico. Contact us and we can discuss how easy it is to make your ripening operation more efficient, safer and easier to manage with the CRS. We will be glad to provide a customized quotation based on the layout of your ripening rooms and facility.

Why use the Centralized Ripening System – CRS®?

  1. Easy to see, verify and track ethylene. Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate is a visible product, making it easy to track inventory and reorder accordingly. With ethylene cylinders, how does the ripener know if there are 20 pounds or 2 pounds left? Likewise, how do you know that you are really receiving 30 pounds? Without actually weighing the cylinder, you don’t… its guesswork. With Ethy-Gen® II you see what you buy and know what you have left.
  2. Less maintenance required.With the CRS, less attention is required than is to cylinders, thanks to a large supply of Ethy-Gen® II connected to the system. This container will last over 5 times longer than a 30-pound cylinder of ethylene! Also, our system makes it easy to change containers, with quick disconnect fittings, and palletized containers of Ethy-Gen® II. Unlike cylinders, which are awkward, difficult to handle and dangerous, with the CRS you just use a pallet jack to move containers in place at the CRS Pumping Station.
  3. Control at the room level. Ethylene is switched on in each room, and adjustment to the level is made here as well. Ethylene is made in the ripening room, versus delivering it by pipe to each room. With generators, there’s no worry about ethylene loss on the way to the room.
  4. Ripening Management made easier & safer. All of our Generators provide an indication of correct operation. Also, the CRS Pumping Station monitors for correct flow of Ethy-Gen® II. Out of Ethy-Gen® II? With the CRS, a large red light on the pumping station will let you know, for it is connected to a flow sensor that detects drops in the flow of Ethy-Gen® II (more details below).
  5. There’s more…like UL® & TÜV Listed Generators and US EPA and the UK Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD), registration for Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate. We take the ripening business seriously and our track record proves it. That’s why we’ve been doing this for 40 years.
  6. Quick Installation: All installation done by trained and knowledgeable staff of Catalytic Generators, Inc.; quick…..usually completed in one day. Includes matching ethylene production with customer needs through in-room analysis.

CRS-pumpThe CRS Pumping / Control Station:

  • High-Quality, Continuous Duty Pump:
    This assures a constant supply of Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate to all generators and ethylene production in individual rooms upon demand.
  • Leak Detection:
    A high quality, electronic and state-of-the-art flow detection device is sensitive to changes in the flow of Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate in the return line of the CRS.
  • Safety:
    In the event of a leak, the Control Station will shut off the CRS pump and stop the flow of Ethy-Gen® II and turn on a bright red indicator light. Other options are available for employee notification, such as an audible alarm or phone dialer.
  • Convenience:
    The Control Station provides for an easy way to turn the CRS pump on/off. Also, should the supply of Ethy-Gen® II run out, the flow detector will sense this and shut the pump off, illuminating the indicator light. This will notify personnel of the need to change Ethy-Gen® II containers and helps to extend the life of the pump. The Control Station is also equipped with a time delay, so in the event of a power outage or change in Ethy-Gen® II containers, the delay will override the flow detector to allow the pump to prime.
  • Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet:
    This option can be incorporated into the Pumping Station and easily and safely encloses two 55-gallon containers of Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate. The CRS pump would be wall-mounted outside of the cabinet and tubing to the 55-gallon container channeled through a hole located on the side of the cabinet. This is a compact and efficient setup and takes up a little less space than two pallets.

CRS – Centralized Ripening System® Generator

The CRS Generator is easy to use and is adjustable to adapt to any ethylene requirement. It provides continuous, consistent ethylene production for even, better ripening and degreening.

The CRS generator is wall mounted and with a narrow design, the unit does not take up much space in the ripening room.
Connecting generators to the Ethy-Gen® II supply line is simple and easy with “Quick-Disconnect” fittings located on the side of the generator.

Crs-imageThe DrumQuik® Pro
makes connecting to and exchanging Ethy-Gern® II 55-gallon containers quick and simple. The DrumQuik® PRO is an easy-to-use product that facilitates the delivery of Ethy-Gen® II Concentrate from bulk containers to the CRS. The closed-system design and rugged construction meet the demands of harsh operating environments.

The coupler is made from food grade virgin polypropylene and can withstand thousands of connections. The dip-tube assembly is made from environmentally friendly material – food grade virgin polyethylene – and is included with every Ethy-Gen® II container shipped, and can be disposed of or recycled along with the container.

statusProper Operation Indicator Light

With intelligent microprocessor technology, critical processes of the generator are monitored. Continuous indication of operation status is provided, making it clearly evident of ethylene production.



Compliance with International Testing Stadards:
Available with UL® and TÜV (TÜV Product Service of Germany) and CE Conformity to 73/23/CEE and 89/336/EEC.