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Catalytic Generators Describes Best Practices For Ripening Papayas

Ethylene generators from Catalytic Generators will help to turn dark green papayas to a golden yellow color when ripened. To perfect the papaya ripening process by ethylene application, ripeners should follow these suggested protocols…

Pear Conditioning for Profits

In 2012, the Pear Bureau Northwest commissioned a test through Nielson/Perishables group which showed that stores carrying conditioned pears increased their sales 19.5% more than the control stores who were not carrying conditioned pears.

Make Safety A Priority While Ripening Your Produce

A reliable, efficient and safe source of ethylene is important for any ripening facility.  From this, Catalytic Generators developed Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate which is the only “ripening fluid” to pass the stringent standards of both the US-EPA and UK-CRD. Since we manufacture Ethy-Gen® II with only the purest ingredients available, there are no harmful… Read more »