Ethylene Innovations Discussed In Gas Analysis, Ripening & Postharvest Webinar

The management of atmospheric gases plays a critical role in the development of harvested fruit in ripening, storage, and packaging, while progressive strategies in this area add value, enhance market access and reduce losses. Galen George of Felix Instruments and Greg Akins of Catalytic Generators will share various methods for gas analysis, real-world cases, best practices, cutting edge research, and the future of gas analysis in a live postharvest webinar November 5th at 11 am (EST). Viewers of the webinar can expect to learn and discover how organizations can retain and deepen their post-harvest competitive advantage.

Tune in to the live postharvest webinar discussing gas analysis Nov 5th at 11 am (EST) to learn the latest information about ethylene and industry innovations. Greg Akins, President & CEO of Catalytic Generators, will be sharing recent case studies with ethylene during the 8 am webinar.

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