Catalytic Generators’ Products Exempted From Fire Codes in Ripening Rooms

Catalytic Generators’ unique ethylene systems comply with the international fire safety testing standards of TÜV (TÜV SÜD America) which exempts ripeners from making special room adaptions for international fire code compliance within ripening rooms. 

According to Section 2506.1 “Ethylene Generators” of the International Fire Code: 

“Ethylene generators shall be listed and labeled by an approved testing laboratory, approved by the fire code official; and used only in approved rooms in accordance with the ethylene generator manufacturer’s instructions. The listing evaluation shall include documentation that the concentration of ethylene gas does not exceed 25 percent of the lower explosive limit (LEL).” 

Per manufacturer instructions for use on the Easy-Ripe® and other generators from the company, the minimum ripening room size used with these generators must be 1,600 ft3 (45 m3). “As long as the ripener follows our easy-to-use directions, there is no way that our generators can produce enough ethylene to reach an explosive level.  It is a peace of mind for ripeners and an easier installation for ripening room engineers and builders,” stated Greg Akins, President & CEO of Catalytic Generators.

“We contract with third-party testing labs to ensure that our equipment meets international electrical and safety standards, and fire officials recognize this fact with TÜV listing and International Fire Code compliance.”

Greg Akins, President & CEO of Catalytic Generators

The need for safer ethylene application systems for ripening was one of the driving forces behind the research and development of the original Catalytic Generator.  Over the years, the generators produced by the company have evolved, and there are different types that offer various benefits for any ripening operation. But one thing hasn’t changed; ethylene generators are the safest form of ethylene application and have the added benefit of third-party accreditation and international fire code compliance.

From this, produce professionals do not need to worry about ripening room safety, expensive fireproofing adjustments, warning signs, and more.