Meet the Team

At Catalytic Generators we love to create ripening technologies that enable the world to enjoy ripe and ready to eat fruit, and we get to work with people who are passionate about that mission.  Our team is serious about what they do but also serious about making Catalytic a great place to come to every day; you’ll even find a few of them engaged in a “serious” game at our company foosball/soccer table!

Here’s a few of our staff members:



Greg Akins / President & CEO

How Many Years with Company: 26

Favorite Part of Job: Creating innovative products that help people to eat tasty, ripe fruit all year and devising new ways to improve ethylene application for ripening & degreening

Favorite Fruit: Too many to chose from….Bananas – because they’ve been such a part of my work history for 30+ years…eat one a day! Avocados – because they are so tasty; Blueberries – because they are so nutritious.

Fun Facts, Hobbies: My wife Cathy & I love to do home improvement projects & travel together.




Steve Page / Vice President

How Many Years with Company: 22

Favorite Part of Job: Every day is different & brings new challenges.

Favorite Fruit: Tie between mango & strawberry

Fun Facts, Hobbies: Love the outdoors; favorite activities are snow skiing, running/hiking & cycling.





Russ Holt / Sales Manager

How Many Years with Company: 15

Favorite Part of Job: Great people combined with a great atmosphere.

Favorite Fruit: Bananas

Fun Facts, Hobbies: Love spending time with my family, try to go fishing as often as possible and I’m a fanatic for VT Hokies football.





Chrissy Ross / Sales Associate

How Many Years with Company: 18

Favorite Part of Job: I really enjoy talking to our customers! There are some that I have interacted with with for 10+ years.

Favorite Fruit: Bananas

Fun Facts, Hobbies: I live on the beach, and love yoga!





Dave Cowles / Sales Associate

How Many Years with Company: 8

Favorite Part of Job: The people I work with everyday.

Favorite Fruit: Oranges

Fun Facts, Hobbies: Throwing Darts with my wife Tina and my 2 sons, David Jr., and Ayden. Playing my drums.





Jacob Lineback / Production & Shipping Manager

How Many Years with Company: 21

Favorite Part of Job: The people, Catalytic is like an extended family.

Favorite Fruit: Pineapples

Fun Facts, Hobbies: Love Remote Control (RC) anything, boating, & fishing. Time with friends and family.




Michael-Edited Michael Landry / Technical Services Manager

How Many Years with Company: 4

Favorite Part of Job: Researching and supporting the technology and devices our customers need for their produce, perishables, and environmental management businesses.

Favorite Fruit: Granny Smith apples

Fun Facts, Hobbies: Technophile and programming/gadget enthusiast, backyard poultry and gardening, hobby blacksmithing and metalwork.




Katlynn Ketchum / Marketing & Business Development Strategist

How Many Years with Company: 1

Favorite Part of Job: Showing customers how we can  better their ripening process while providing them with the latest product information.

Favorite Fruit: Grapes

Fun Facts, Hobbies: Water skiing is my favorite activity, and I love spending time with my dog, Bambi!





Nancy Whitman / Controller

How Many Years with Company: 2

Favorite Part of Job: Working with numbers and assisting employees and customers when questions arise.

Favorite Fruit: Watermelon or oranges

Fun Facts, Hobbies: Swimming, reading, scrapbooking, mission work, and going to yard sales or thrift stores to find that “special and unique” thing.





Dwight-EditedDwight Mason / Senior Production Engineer & Quality Assurance Technician

How Many Years with Company: 14

Favorite Part of Job: Providing a quality product that our customers enjoy.

Favorite Fruit: Oranges

Fun Facts, Hobbies: Loves sports & festival events.







Donald Thompson / Senior Production Engineer

How Many Years with Company: 13

Favorite Part of Job: The family-friendly atmosphere.

Favorite Fruit: Bananas

Fun Facts, Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my family and collecting Star Wars items.





Junior-EditedGoven Kuntz Jr. / Production Engineer & Shipping Assistant

How Many Years with Company: 3

Favorite Part of Job: Coworkers, building new generators & working in the shipping office.

Favorite Fruit: Pineapple or mango

Fun Facts, Hobbies: Loves sports, coaching youth basketball, fishing,music, traveling, and spending time with family.




David-EditedDavid Wallace / Production Engineer

How Many Years with Company: 5

Favorite Part of Job: Building and repairing generators.

Favorite Fruit: Lychee

Fun Facts, Hobbies: Good music, fishing, and cooking.